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10G - Butterfly Shaped Cosmetic Glitter Festival Rave Beauty Makeup Face Body Nail

✨ ENOUGH TO SPARKLE UP SEVERAL FACES & BODYS: Each packet of glitter is stuffed with 10 grams of holographic chunky glitter! Look and feel fabulous wherever you go! Whether you’re aiming for unicorn or mermaid makeup, our face, body and nail glitter will help you achieve it. | ✨ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your order, simply return it, and we'll refund every penny (or send a replacement, if there is a problem). | ✨ STYLING: Our cosmetic grade glitters are extremely versatile and multi-use. Pop some under the eye as glam glitter tears, or on the cheekbones for a reflecting highlight. In the hair we love it mixed in with braids or painted into a middle parting. On the body, dust some on the collarbones and shoulders for a super shimmering effect. Mix colors and techniques together and the possibilities of beauty are endless! Tag us on Instagram @electricblissbeauty, we can't wait to see what you create! Fi | ✨ USES For: Body Shimmer, Body Glitter spray, glitter eyeshadow, body glitter, face glitter, nail glitter, hair glitter, hair glitter for kids, glitter spray for crafts | * Although this is cosmetic grade glitter, it can also be used as craft glitter.
Manufacturer: Electric Bliss Beauty

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Our face, body & nail glitter spray is made for the lover of all things that shine & sparkle. You can use this loose glitter as makeup because it is made with the finest material and is cosmetic grade glitter. Applies effortlessly and stays on all day and night -- festival tested. A multi dimensional, highly reflective look is yours with the spray of a pump. Finish: iridescent glitter Shades: Pinks & White Net Weight: 10 Grams Recommendations: This can be used as glitter hair spray but you will need to use hair get as a primer. We recommend using your favorite hair gel or hair spray. If you are using it on the body or face, you will need a glitter gel or body glue. We recommend NYX Glitter Primer. APPLICATION TIPS Face & Body - Apply with finger tips or brush using your preferred glitter primer first. We recommend using the nyx glitter primer. Apply with tapping motions or with a small or medium shader brushes for a more precise application. Hair - Style your hair using your preferred method. Then, apply a small layer of hairspray to your hair. Take the desired amount of glitter on your fingers or a brush and apply to the area with the hairspray. Finally, apply a final layer of hairspray over the glitter for a glitter hairspray look. USES glitter eyeshadow body glitter face glitter nail glitter hair glitter cosmetic glitter glitter spray for crafts Inspiration glitter hairspray for kids unicorn glitter Looks Music festival glitter Looks unicorn glitter Looks rave glitter Looks mermaid glitter Looks Rave makeup unicorn makeup glitter makeup Looks


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