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Adesso Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer PPE-200

89.6°F (32°C) to 108.5°F (42.5°C) - Auto-off, Non-contact, Infrared, Lightweight, Built-in Memory, Low Battery Indicator, Backlight, Easy to Use - For Body, Surface, Home, Clinical, Forehead, Workplace, Ear, Room - White, Purple

BTI WT088 Digital Thermometer NCIT-WT088-BTI

Non-contact, Infrared

DIAMOND Non-Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer with LCD Display THERMO20

Non-contact, Large Display, Easy to Read, Backlight, On/Off Switch, Touchless, Auto-off, Alarm - For Forehead, Body, Office, Surface, Clinical, Hospital, Restaurant

DIAMOND Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer JXB-178

Large Display, Backlight, Auto-off, Non-contact, Infrared, Easy-to-read Measurement, Easy to Use, Memory Key Button, On/Scan Button, Indicator Light - For Room, Body, Surface

DIAMOND Wall-Mounted Infrared Non-Contact Forehead and Body Thermometer THERMO100

Non-contact, Large Display, Touchless, Alarm - For Forehead, Body, Office, Lobby

Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand USB2-MICRO-250X

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification)

Veho DX-1 USB 2MP Microscope VMS-006-DX1

10x to 200x - 2 Megapixel - LED Illumination - Video Recording, Photo Capture

Veho DX-2 USB 5MP Microscope VMS-007-DX2

10x to 300x - 5 Megapixel - LED Illumination - Video Recording, Photo Capture

Veho DX-3 USB 3.5MP Microscope VMS-008-DX3

10x to 220x - 3.5 Megapixel - LED Illumination - LCD Screen Head - Video Recording, Photo Capture