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"Mountain Echo" 12 Hole Alto C Ocarina,Stawfired Burning, Unique Design and Well Tuned, Comfortable to Hold and Play (Stawfired)

✔ ALL INCLUDE: Comes with neck-strap cord,a songbook include Zelda songs and finger chart, a padded OcarinaWind pouch. | ✔ FEATURE: A4-F6 including sharps and flats,Length: 7 inches or 18 cm ,Width: 3.9 inches or 10 cm,Material:StrawFire Pottery | ✔ HEALTH GUARANTEE: Every ocarina OcarinaWind sell is lead free promised. | ✔ WELL CRAFTED: The ocarina is made of the highest standard of StrawFire Pot
Manufacturer: OcarinaWind

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OcarinaWind "Mountain Echo" 12 Hole Alto C Ocarina,Straw Fire Burning, Unique Design and Well Tuned, Comfortable to Hold and Play"Mountain Echo" is an ocarina developed by OcarinaWind. It is 100% handmade by skillful music craftsman and use advanced technology to burn it. We name this ocarina as "Mountain Echo" is to hope the consumers can enjoy the ocarina music like echo from mountain.This special design ocarina, key of A4-F6, is tuned in the key of C, and can go below C down to the A.It is very comfortable to hold and play. Every ocarina we provide a test before we sell it. So don't worry the quality and it is free to return for refund.We guarantee all the ocarinas we sell on Amazon are lead FREE.It comes with an instructional booklet, finger chart and a songbook, as well as a strap, so you can wear this ocarina on your neck wherever you go. The lowest note for C fingering is La. For songs with the lowest note lower than La, you will need to switch to F or G fingering. Package Included:1 x 12 Holes Straw Fire Pottery Ocarina1 x Chinese Jade Neck Strap Cord1 x OcarinaWind Song book and Finger Chart1 x Ocarina Pouch by "OcarinaWind"ALL INCLUDE: Comes with neck-strap cord, a songbook include Zelda songs and finger chart, a padded ?OcarinaWind? pouch.FIT YOUR HAND: Length is 7.5 inches and Width is 4 inches.It can fit all ages hands.WELL CRAFTED: The ocarina is made of the high standard Ceramic with a good touch. It is a hand crafted and fine tuned musical flute instrument.HEALTH GUARANTEE: Every ocarina ?OcarinaWind? sell is lead free promised.WELL TUNE: We make tune test twice on every ocarina before we sell it. We promise you can receive a real musical flute instrument. Pitch is A4-F6 including sharps and flats.


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Sep, 14 2022

Absolutely wonderful Products
The items are really amazing. Absolutely wonderful. High-quality products. Very quick shipping. Perfect items fits well. Will always buy my products from here. Highly recommended website.


Oct, 10 2022

Flexible website- GetUSCart
Very easy to use website. Smooth and fast shipping that to a hassle-free one. No need to worry once the order is placed. I am a happy user. Thank you so much GetUSCart.


Oct, 16 2022

Same products as shown
I received just the same sandle as it is shown on their website image. It is exactly the same items. Facing no problems at all. Thanks a lot, GetUSCart.


Oct, 17 2022

Easy process and no problems
GetUSCart is extremely reliable. They have best quality products. All the products are accurate. Share shipping and well described on their website. Go for it!

Jaya Surya Prakash

Oct, 18 2021

Excellent Fully satisfied.
I am satisfied with the service and products offered by GetUSCart. I have ordered two Vulcan heart blower motors. It is working in good condition. I will recommend this to everyone.

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