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Silicone Scar Removal Sheets - Keloid, C Section, Post Surgery & Acne Scars Treatment - 2 Month Supply - Silicon Soft Long Strips & Sheets 5.7" x 1.57" 4 pc. - Healing Alternative to Gel, Tape & Cream

Silicone Scar Removal - NuvaDermis is an advanced silicone treatment, clinically shown to flatten the scars' appearance. It helps with most scar types caused by hypertrophic, post-acne, keloid, post-surgery, c-section, and stretch marks. | Medical-Grade Ingredient- Scar sheets made of premium medical silicone help reduce the size of scars in 6 weeks for new scars, and 4 months for older ones. Sili
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NuvaDermis silicone scar treatment is a premium medical-grade treatment, clinically-shown to eliminate scars within 6 weeks until 4 months. Our silicone sheets remove keloid, c-section, burns, and surgery scars, improving skin texture and appearance. It works by boosting cell rejuvenation and regeneration in worn areas.The silicone sheets are: - reusable - water-proof - light-weight It means you get 2 months supply and can use these sheets day and night even while doing sport, under the clothes, and with no discomfort!For better effect achieved, follow these steps: 1. Clean and pat dry the scar area. 2. Cut sheet according to the shape of the scar. 3. Simply peel off the liner from the adhesive side. 4. Apply the adhesive side of the sheet on the scar. 5. Wear a scar sheet at least for 8 hours a day.Important notes: - Each sheet is reusable for up to 2 weeks with propermaintenance. - Need to take it off for a shower. - If it gets stained, gently washsilicone sheets in warm water and let them dry.How long it takes to achieve visible improvements: For new scars - 6-8 weeks. For old scars - from 2-4 months.NuvaDermis main features: Formulated with the assistance of leading dermatologists Only premium medical-grade silicone Effective and gentle on sensitive skin Highest quality manufactureAdd To Cart NuvaDermis and enjoy your skin's beauty! Please contact the seller immediately if you receive opened or damaged product!


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